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  • Jasa Fabrikasi  Conveyor Belt
  • Jasa Fabrikasi  Conveyor Belt
  • Jasa Fabrikasi  Conveyor Belt
  • Jasa Fabrikasi  Conveyor Belt

Services Description Conveyor Fabrication

    Our company is specialized in conveyor belt connection services, we serve conveyor fabrication services / conveyor manufacturing, especially conveyor bulk materials such as sand, cement, coal, waste processing, paper, we also provide conveyor belt installation services, conveyor repair or Lagging Pulley conveyors . We serve jobs in all regions of Indonesia, Kalim.antan region, Batam, Sulawesi, East Java. This belt conveyor is used to carry, cement, coal, sand. Contact us for a consultation..

  PT. Pava Mandiri Makmur is one of the conveyor belt connection SERVICES in Tangerang-Banten, we serve the connection or manufacture of conveyors both coldsplicing / Cold connection conveyor belts as well as Hotsplicing connection / hot belt conveyor connections. Our company is supported by technicians very experienced in the field of conveyor belt splicing and we are sure to be able to give the best to castamer. we are experienced in completing work in various fields such as, underground conveyor, cement factory jety conveyor, stone crusher, batching plant conveyor, PLTU. we also provide pulley manufacturing services, lagging pulley, manufacture of roller conveyors, manufacture of conveyor construction, manufacturing services for pvc conveyors and others. we provide press.... machines / conveyor connection machines heat from, BW 1000mm, BW 1400mm, BW 2000mm, up to BW 2400mm. we serve jobs throughout the region Indonesia is good at serving Coldspli connection cing and Hotsplicing. and we believe the prices we offer are very comparative and we also provide a warranty within 3 months...


We provide conveyor maintenance services. Conveyor is a type of mechanical device that is used to move goods from one place to another which is the result of production. Conveyors are often used in sloping areas ... we also sell other items such as, SC 2000 for splicing coold / cold conveyor belts, Megapoxy Hicb, green pvc belts. Sergeant belt ties, secondary and primary cleners, fasteners / flexco, STL RF4.


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